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will always be rewarding
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That's what Art work is all about!

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2011 Zbrush, production pipeline, acting techniques in character animation.
2010 Animation production (mit der letzten Faser).
2009 Internet SEO, Pinnacle Studio,.
2008 invited to lecture to professors at the Technion Institute of Science, Israel.
2005 animation studio management, 3d Film/TV Production.
2004 Windows XP, Motion Builder, After Effects, Premiere, Z-Brush.
2003 Flash, Shave and haircut, Java Script and CSS.
2002 Sonic Foundry, sound Effects.
2000 Windows NT, Maya Unlimited, non verbal communication study.
1998 C, C++, Java and game programming essentials.
1997 Maya, Advanced Animation Techniques, Gnomon Videos.
1996 Motion Capture IR technology, Games Character Design, Rigging.
1995 Alias Power Animator, Irix ( UNIX ) on Silicon Graphics Extreme and Onyx, NURBS and Sub-D Modelling, pre and post production, editing, script writing and directing.
1994 Wavefront, SGI Unix workstation, Internet programming and publishing via EarthLink.
1993 Lightwave, Video Toaster and real-3d on Amiga 4000, Polygonal and B-Spline Modeling.
1992 Corel Draw, Photoshop, PC 486.
1990 Advanced Computer Graphics.PC 286-386
1986 Sam Klieberg, LA California- Advanced Live model classes.
1986 Norton computer architecture and design, assembler programming, C-64.
1984 Computer Graphics and Basic game programing, C-64.
1981 Vitold Honigman,Air-Brush Illustration.
1980 Oil and Tempera with the Russian Artist Lev Shtieman.
1979 Vitold Honigmann, drawing the human body and face from memory by applying Andrew Loomis techniques.
1978 Gama Maarachot, Audio Video Technologies and Electronics.Idan 2000, Electronic and Mechanical Clocks.
1977 Guitar playing and musical instruments.
1976 Special Visual Effects assistant to Shlomo Lengel and Kit West In the movie, "The Big Red One".
1975 Avni Art School. NCR, Accounting machine technician. Kupferberg Studio, Textile Design.
1974 Yossi Flaker and Raffi Boganim - Camera and Photography.
1970 Technical Illustration for the Israeli Air Force.
1969 Israeli Air Force Technical Academy: AC/DC Electro mechanics and Electronic sys, Technical Drawing and Illustration.
1966 Kibutz Bait-Zera High School, Israel.
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Drawing the human figure from memory (loomis).
Computers hardware/software.
3d production and Studio management.
Poweranimator and Maya since 1994.
Sound production and music instruments.
Post production.
Art direction.
Art and 3d instruction.
Painting materials and techniques.
Design and graphic design.
Printing and publishing.
DVD authoring.
Film special effects.
Matte painting.
Non verbal communication and facial expressions.
Story telling and improvisation.
Web design and publishing.
Characters Design.
3d animation.
Character modeling, rigging, textures and materials.