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Investment in quality and excellence
will always be rewarding
and pleasure.

That's what Art work is all about!

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I love 3D animation. Truly love it since I found
it in a Los-Angeles suburb shopping mall, back
in 1993. There it was, on the screen. It didn't
look real good, but, I knew, it just a matter of
time till your imagination will be your true
limitation ...and here we are!!!

One of the beauties in 3D animation is, that the
more you know the better you off. That means
any knowledge you got...will serve you well from
Arts, Geography, Astronomy, Math, Physics etc.

I have a very solid opinion about art, in general
I define art as excellence and beyond!!! and I
believe most people can be excellent in something.

Lucky or not for me, I was always encouraged by
people around me to paint professionally, and
so I did. But my interest in art was never limited
to painting only, I explored and discovered the
tools to be excellent in Sculpting, Drawing,
Design, Digital media (since its conception) and
3d animation (since 1993) and it was a home
run for me! now all my experience as fine artist
and art teacher came together with 3D Animation.

And It's great. The first years where sleepless.
I had to learn so much and so fast that I went
dizzy 24 hours a day! I was having so much fun...
it was unimaginable trip that hopefully will
continue forever because age can only get you
better and better till you die of joy!!!

In my profile here I'm not only displaying my personal artistic data. This is my road map to my creativity, and creativity happened to me when I'm overflowed with new experiences, and here come the fun du du du du!