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A voyage to Art - whatever it means!

I know many people got confused when the word Art explained. Actually, Art is very easy to define. Art is excellence and beyond in whatever discipline, practiced or whatever one do. Example: if someone is painting he is a painter, if he is good in painting he is a good painter, if he is excellent in painting he is an excellent painter but if he is excellent and beyond in his painting he is an "artist in painting" and his work is an artwork. an exceptional artwork is a masterpiece! That is all to that. The same is for any other discipline, trade or craft. Comparison is the tool in which one can use to distinguish between good and bad! Without comparison, there could be no evaluation. Example: to perceive beauty, ugly must be present. Bad have to be next to good etc. Therefore, to appreciate a work of art it need to stand next to a common craft.

Art history:
In the past not long ago, maybe few thousand years back humans developed the skills to appreciate skills and qualities that are unique and admirable. We admire the Gods for creating everything we call nature. We admire the Sun, the moon the earth or the bravery of the lion, the ability of the eagle to fly in the sky or the dolphins to swim. These admiration's were subjects to imitation and worship. Artists and artisans magnified these discovered qualities of beauty, strength or wisdom by making these subjects or qualities of admiration larger and realistic as possible. Even the human mind and it's genius tuned to be a subject for admiration.

The patrons of the Arts:
When the need for admiration exceeded common use and turned to be grandiose only people of great riches could afford monumental artwork that required exceptional talents and resources. Kings and the rich aristocrats became the only one who had the capital and resources to grandiose themselves with Arts of any possible kind. This is how the arts begun and the symbiosis between Patrons and artists both wishing to be immortal by association to the fame of great artwork. This new concept of immortality served as a convenience substitute for the immortality concept of afterlife and was very appealing to patrons and artist alike. The drawback was art was very expensive in artist's employment and resources and still is. The Art immortalized patrons and artists lasted successfully until the 18th century. The spin happened when politics changed from monarchy to democracy and patronage of arts by princes no longer existed. in the lack of patrons Arts turned to the common people and immortality by fame routed to a plain materialism by the patrons. However, the commoners do not have the capital to sponsor big artworks or pay for highly skilled artist so the Arts obliged and started providing the masses with cheaper alternatives.

The revolution of photography and prints:
Photography and prints became a cheap alternative for expensive oil paintings that required skills of a master to please the patrons. Photographed and printed works of masters can be now affordable for all. Documentation and portraits became cheap and handy for everyone. The Arts needed to have new direction. The modern art was born. Now artists are working for galleries and art galleries for art dealers and art dealers for private clientele.

Simple is genius said Picasso:
Picasso was a genius whatever genius means and he clarified the trend for simplicity. When Leonardo Da Vinci saw the paintings of Michael Angelo in the Sistine Chapel he run in stress to everyone who cared to listen and complained the from now on after this gross exaggeration of the human body by Michelangelo there is no more room for improvement and therefore the art of painting the human figure is now stale. Human had a well-known tendency to try anything and like water overcome any obstacle on its way. Painting and the rest of art forms are no exception, once realism and fine arts reached its limits, another ism followed in search for originality and innovation. In less then hundred years the arts experienced thousands of isms and new for of arts but without satisfaction but with a clear direction in any form of art…it got simple! From architecture to fashion to fine arts, everything is getting simple, and simple. The genius is in the simplicity said the artist and a blank canvas was soon to be displayed as a work of art in a respectable Museum to be followed by "controversial or provocative art" that have no material representation required only concept, so now art is everything and everything is nothing! And when that is anybody can create art of nothing and art can be created by anyone! So who is to be declared officially as an artist? The officials of course, and who are the officials? The established auctioneers! Or may be Peggy Guggenheim?

Running an Artist:
Once upon a time, there was a rich woman in the United States who inherited fortune from daddy. She was well educated so naturally she was art oriented and as such she traveled the world especially Europe in search for excitements and man. In a little cafe in Paris France she find one, his name was Picasso and he was handsome charismatic and very, very productive artist. The lady contracted the artist for most of his production and for cheap price went back home opened a small museum and made millions. That is the beginning of running an artist concept. She was so successful that many rich entrepreneurs soon followed. Picasso was a capable artist but in a short while even this capabilities were no longer required any longer. The Auction houses sprung like mushrooms by rich entrepreneurs soon started to run anyone they could drive his work into the millions of dollars.

Kiss of death:
Now the artists have to pay for producing art in hope galleries will find the client. In democratic society's patronage were scarce because their turns to be immoral to spend public money for grandiose and most rich people are reluctant to advertise their riches, and they are confuse as much as I am and investing their fortune in something they and I and anyone else don't really understand and they hate this and me and art. The arts got a kiss of death from democracy and there are no princes anymore (well…almost). I love democracy but democracy killed my love. If you take any notice to my misery, you are invited to join me in my voyage and to bringing back my love.

Giora Eshkol
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